Importance Of Technology In Human Life, Essay On Importance Of Technology In Human Life, Paragraph On Importance Of Technology In Human Life

Importance Of Technology In Human Life, Essay On Importance Of Technology In Human Life, Paragraph On Importance Of Technology In Human Life.

( How has technology changed our lives- and what is the future? )

Even though Sir Albert Einstein once said  ” I fear that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”,  but I still hold a very strong view that technology today plays a very important role that drives our lives and we are totally impacted by it in many ways.

From a small baby to an 80-year-old man, we are all bound and driven by technology and are transformed, connected one way or another in this digital world. Essay On Importance Of Technology In Human Life

The fact that the importance of technology in our daily lives is undeniable has inspired several scientists to make improvements from time to time through their invented tools and devices for us to use, to keep us one step ahead at all times.

Importance Of Technology In Human Life, Essay On Importance Of Technology In Human Life, Paragraph On Importance Of Technology, Download Essay On Technology

The use of technology started in the pre-historic age when humans used stones and wooden sticks to make life easy. Then they started using fire for its benefits. And then metals. The role of technology is primarily aimed to ease the lives of people in every which way.

As technology continues to advance and direct even more easiness into our lives, there is a need to stress how advantages it has been to our lives.  Here are the 4 main areas where technology has driven the lives of people to the best of times.

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is one area where technology has given tremendous service and benefits. Technology has enabled Doctors to discover most health hazards while they are still in the developing platforms, and have treated them before they can develop into severe stages. Modern electronic equipment has been put together or created that has improved the quality of treatment.

From the invention of X-ray machines to advances in surgical practices, technology has made us healthier and increased our life experiences. Heavily integrated with technology the graduates with masters in health informatics degree are pushing the boundaries of healthcare to awe-inspiring realities. Electronic health records, Telemedicine, remote monitoring tools, wearable technology, and genome sequencing are moving at a rapid pace and becoming a part of the convergence of medicine and technology. Essay On Importance Of Technology In Human Life


Dissemination or transmission across the entire globe has become very easy. Due to the invention and use of the internet, people hailing from many different geographical regions can communicate through e-mails, SMS’s, video calls as well as many other social media platforms that are available today.

More recent communication trends are data transport, micro-waves terrestrial wireless satellite, and broadband fiber transport. The most fundamental change, both in terms of technology and its implications, has occurred in the functional description of the general structure of the telecommunication system and how the different parts of the system relate to each other. Essay On Importance Of Technology In Human Life


Technology has very important effects on business operations. whatever be the size of your business enterprise, technology has both tangible and intangible benefits across all industrial productions e.g. Motorcar manufacturing robotics helps create cars, its parts, and frame in good speed which results in cars assembled on time with brand quality and precision. Many retail stores no longer track inventory manually.

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Computers are very popular with all organizations especially smaller businesses because of their speed, low procurement costs, efficiency and the capability to handle multiple tasks with little chance for error. Through the use of information systems, modern-day computers are able to precisely track the inventory that saves time and money. Paragraph on Importance Of Technology In Human Life

Most businesses today make use of bio-metric or RFID time attendance, systems that accurately monitor worker arrival and departure very precisely. Essay On Importance Of Technology In Human Life. Paragraph on Importance Of Technology In Human Life.

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People today are carried away with their work and cares. A lot is demanded, so everyone is too busy. The issue only two decades ago was that people could not be easily communicated. All of us were limited to a close set of people with whom we could communicate.

Now though, with the expansion of fast mode of the internet by the click of the button one can connect with a dear one anywhere on this planet and share and exchange information. Paragraph on Importance Of Technology In Human Life

There are many other areas where technology is contributing and making its importance felt. The advantage of technology in our lives is beneficial on all spectrum’s of life conclusively, albeit we have settled for something that cannot take us back. But the flip side is that technology in India is creating unemployment. Therefore technology, rather sadly I may add,  lacks emotion too.

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